11 Ferrari Sports Cars Smashed in Japan Freeway Accident

Article: 11 Ferrari Sports Cars Smashed in Japan Freeway Accident

From afar, you might think that the freeway in Shimonoseki, Japan was strewn with bright red Christmas decorations. But looking closely, it was revealed that the eleven luxury vehicles that include eight Red Ferraris, two Mercedez Benz, and a Lamborghini met a vehicular accident. It is indeed a sad day for the owners as well as the sports car insurancecompanies covering these expensive luxury vehicles that amount to more than $1 million altogether.

The police investigation revealed that the fleet of cars was owned by sports car enthusiasts in Japan who were out for a drive. However, one Ferrari driver decided to change lanes, hit the median barrier, and went out of control.

Because of the speed, the red Ferrari spun uncontrollably on the freeway, hitting the other ten cars on its way.

Thankfully, no one died in the accident. But ten of them were just treated for minor cuts and bruises. And all their cars are total wrecks.

It was not revealed how much the sports car insurance companies will be paying these owners. But it is sure going to be a hefty sum for each owner. After all, you never drive a luxury vehicle without insurance. But I do wonder if they have caravan insurance. That is a separate thing.

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