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Interpretation: Cyriak

The Interpretation illustration conference 18-19 September at Arts University Bournemouth is hosting a great array of speakers covering a fascinating variety of topics. We ‘re asking the presenters a couple of questions about illustration, the event and what they’ll be doing. Which brings us to keynote speaker, animator Cyriak.


Brighton based animator Cyriak uses photoshop and after effects for most of his animations. He has worked on a wide range of commercial projects from TV advertising to music videos.

Tell us a bit about your presentation

I’ll be talking about what I do, and the journey I’ve been on to get where I am now. I’ll also talk a bit about my creative process.

What’s the best element of attending an illustration conference?

I’ve never been to an illustration conference before, so I couldn’t really say. I guess its a good way for illustrators to meet fellow human beings with similar interests, if they are anything like me then they will probably spend a lot of their lives shunning civilization while staring at computer screens.

Bonobo: Cirrus

Is illustration research important?

I don’t tend to think about research when I am creating something, other than checking to make sure what I’m planning to do hasn’t already been done (I don’t get that problem so much with what I do). I’m not entirely sure what illustration research even is, but if it means looking at other artist’s work to get an idea of what looks cool or not, then that’s just an automatic process that I’m not even aware of when I’m doing it.

I guess it’s important to absorb the best of culture and utilize it for your own creations, but it’s also important to build on it, to look at what’s out there and see what is missing. Of course the nature of my own work means I am always having to research photos and video footage to use as a medium, and while it is usually a basic hunt for a particular object or scenery, I often get new ideas or inspiration from the stock materials I find.

cows & cows & cows

Tell us one lesson you’ve learned about ‘interpretation’ as an idea and practice.

Is ‘interpretation’ in inverted commas because it means something in particular in the context of illustration? Or is this just an abstract term intended to encourage various discussions about creativity? I could talk about ‘interpreting’ music into a visual experience when I make music videos, or ‘interpreting’ found video footage into something that subverts its original purpose. It’s all about taking something that exists and turning it into something new, which is the raw essence of what I do. One of the most important things to learn about that is to make sure whatever material you are ‘interpreting’ is legally available for use, if you are planning to reap any commercial benefits from it.

Eskmo ‘We Got More’ by Cyriak

18-19 September 2014, AUB, Bournemouth – Book Now

Interpretation is the theme of the latest VaroomLab symposium on illustration, this year held in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth. Illustrators, students and academics are all welcome.

Interpretation seeks to explore ways in which illustrators, interpret, re-interpret and misinterpret information through illustration practice.

This event will celebrate and investigate the potential exciting creative strategies and possibilities for practitioners to move minds, challenge norms and influence the ways in which we the see the world and connect with it.

You are invited to meet fellow illustration enthusiasts over a two day symposium in September in the seaside town of Bournemouth and enjoy the talks presented by practitioners and academics on illustrating the Prisoner of Zenda, Lucien Freud’s early illustration work, gender representation in illustration, interpretations of error, an exploration of how visual storytelling is vital in how we engage with the world, the role of exchange between artist and scientist in natural history illustration, panel discussions and more.

Speakers include Bill Prosser, Chris Campe, Joel Lardner & Paul Roberts, Paul Burgess,Mireille Fauchon & Four Corners books, Andrew Kulman, Gary Embury and Thomas Barwick. Guest speakers animator, Cyriak (‘a real renaissance man albeit with a trademark surrealist attitude, psychedelic influence and love of fractal geometry and orders of magnitude’, Varoom) and Marcus Oakley.

You can register for tickets here. Special offer accomodation can be sourced here.

Symposium times:

Thursday 18th September

11.30-12.30pm Registration. 12.30 VaroomLab – Welcome & Introduction to the Symposium

Lunch & Refreshments will be provided during the Symposium

Friday 19th September

9.30- 10.00am Coffee. First speaker 10.00am

3.30pm Finish

Tickets for Interpretation are now on sale, priced as follows:

  • £35 Students
  • £90 Standard Ticket
  • £75 Early Bird (Closes August — Limited availability)
  • £50 VaroomLab Members (Limited availability)
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