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V18 – Entertainment

Call for papers for Varoom issue 18 – Entertainment (Closed)

Academic and professional submissions are invited for consideration for Varoom 18 and VaroomLab on the theme of Entertainment. We are interested in considering the range of research questions currently being addressed by academics internationally, relevant to the theme. 

Dates for submission of abstracts/papers: 14 March 2012 – 5pm


Price Waterhouse Cooper estimated the global spend on the Entertainment industry worldwide to rise from $1.3 trillion to $1.7 trillion between 2010-2014. However ‘Entertainment’ is defined, a significant portion of that will have involved illustrators, from Hollywood Blockbuster animations, to games and apps, to book covers, music promos, children’s books, graphic novels and title sequences.

Entertainment is all-pervasive, from the cartoons and characters we read on the back of our cereal boxes in the morning to new hybrid forms of edutainment in children’s games and play apps. The Varoom Entertainment Issue will explore the unique creativity illustrators bring to this huge industry in a variety of different forms.

Varoom 18, and the online VaroomLab, welcome academic papers on a broad range of material including, but not limited to:

  • Illustration and Authorship
  • Leisure
  • New Narrative Forms
  • Cross-Media Production
  • Globalism
  • Gamification

Those wishing to participate are invited to submit proposals that can be presented as research papers addressing the theme as outlined above for potential publication in Varoom magazine or online VaroomLab


1.Abstracts (Academic and professional)

Research question (no more than 50 words)?

A summary of content (no more than 250 words)


Please include the title, presenter’s name, affiliation, email and postal address together with the title of the paper, a CV and a 150 word biographical note on the presenter. These can be PDF or Word documents.


2. Papers

4/5000 words maximum, inclusive of bibliography. Please note that should a paper be selected for publication in the print version of Varoom an abridgement of 3000 words is required.

Selected proposals will be refereed by VaroomLab’s panel of peer reviewers. The guidelines for this process are available at www.varoomlab.com


ONGOING: Submission of abstracts and manuscripts for consideration for Varoom and VaroomLab online

Email to Jo Davies: j.davies@plymouth.ac.uk

Receipt of your submission will be made within 5 working days

A selection of peer reviewed papers will be published in Varoom magazine and online journal before the REF submissions deadline.



Academic submissions guidelines
Varoom – the illustration report


VaroomLab was established to provide a platform for exchange and discussion of ideas around the broad subject of illustration. Varoom is a unique publication in the UK existing as a vehicle for dissemination of some of this research. VaroomLab on line provides a wide forum to challenge and potentially expand research and hence provide maximum possible impact.

We are now marrying a peer-review process with editorial intervention to facilitate robust evaluation and discourse around articles submitted by the academic community for potential inclusion in Varoom and to create an equivalent of an academic journal within VaroomLab on line.

The peer- review of each article or abstract will concentrate on objective concerns to determine whether the research article or proposal is sufficiently well conceived, has or has potential to be well executed, and well described to justify inclusion in Varoom. Through VaroomLab all articles are available for ongoing discussion and the content subject to ongoing peer- review through this mechanism.

This editorial process will be overseen by the Academic inputs co-ordinator who will work together with VaroomLab members, the publisher and editor of Varoom to orchestrate the peer-review process.

• Reviewers will be invited to consider submitted abstracts and papers on the basis of its content within the light of their own expertise.

• Each submission will be reviewed against clear editorial criteria. Feedback will be provided.

• After appropriate consideration by the Varoom – publishing team a decision letter will be sent to the author of the article or abstract within a specified timeframe.

Potential decisions in line with recognised peer-review processes
• Accept in principle
• Minor revision
• Major revision
• Reject

It is essential that all authors provide:
• a thoroughly proof read and checked manuscript
• images – jpeg or tiff images at 300dpi, ideally at a minimum of A4
• correct caption and credit information
• completed copyright permissions consent form, if required, for publication in Varoom magazine and on Varoom website

Please note: Submissions must follow Harvard system of referencing.

Selection of peer –reviewers
The Academic inputs co-ordinator has worked with members of the VaroomLab, the editor and the editorial board in the first instance to identify appropriate reviewers for a particular manuscript or abstract. Reviewers have been chosen according to factors including their expertise, reputation and knowledge. We intend to build a database of academic expertise around the subject of illustration.
As part of our editorial procedure, the Varoom team will brief potential reviewers before sending them abstracts and manuscripts to review and all correspondence will be treated confidentially. Reviewers will remain anonymous during the peer – review process and impartiality will be our aim.

All comments from reviewers to the editors will be treated confidentially.

A good review would answer the following questions:
• What are the main aims of the article?
• Are the aims of the piece well situated in the context of any other known research around the subject?
• Who would find this paper of interest? And why?
• In what further directions would it be useful to take the current research?

In the case of manuscripts considered for publication in Varoom, we will request additional advice from the reviewer on the following:

• Is the manuscript written clearly enough that it is understandable to non-academics? If not, how could it be improved?

The review process will be seen as confidential by the Varoom editorial board and reviewers. As the author may have chosen to exclude some people from this process, the reviewer should not discuss nor consult other colleagues or experts about the review unless this has been agreed with the Varoom publishing team. Where appropriate we will request any feedback that might help to strengthen the manuscript or abstract to possibly send to the author.

The editors and Varoom publishers may edit comments made by reviewers. In their comments to authors, reviewers are encouraged to be honest but not offensive in their language.

It will be the responsibility of the Varoom publishing team to send the decision letter to the author of the manuscript or abstract with any reviewers’ comments.

Final publishing decisions are made by the editor and the publishing team. In the event that these are different from the reviewer’s recommendations this will have been the result of a robust process of consideration. Authors of printed contributions will receive three copies of the relevant Varoom issue.

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