BMW Test Your Skills To The Limit

Article: BMW Test Your Skills To The Limit

There’s much to be enjoyed by BMW. We have sleek design, solid, dependable, high quality vehicles that stand out from a crowd for their innovative design and cutting edge technology under the bonnet. There are motorbikes as well as cars as well as their place in the world of motor sports. BMW like to get involved in all kinds of sports from golfing to racing to yachting.

But at the top of all their priorities comes driver and passenger safety. This can be seen in all the designs that are inside a BMW that makes this one of the safest cars on the road. However, there is always margin for driver error and this is yet another thing that BMW have been addressing for over thirty years now.

BMW driving training courses are endless fun built around driver awareness in various situations. It’s a little like First Aid training – once you know what to do in any given situation then you don’t panic when it occurs. Knowing what to do in a driving situation that occurs unexpectedly means you don’t panic when you find yourself in it, thus leading to a safer journey and a much safer situation for passengers and pedestrians.

Since 1977, BMW have been running these courses which take you through various situations. Starting with the basics such as correct driver positioning – you would be surprised at the difference in reactions when the driver is situated correctly – the control over the car is totally different. It also pays to know how and why a car reacts the way it does and how we can influence that. With this knowledge, we can have a more active role over what happens with our vehicle in any given situation.

There is an advanced driving course to help us cope with everyday situations which may come up simple driving through urban areas. This covers exactly what happens when we over or under steer and how to rectify it, emergency braking and many other situations where our skills need to be honed.

You can take the BMW driver training to the next level with race track training or even winter training, when you will test out your skills on a snow covered track, learning how your vehicle will respond and how you can be the one in control. Handling, braking and drifting are entirely different on snow to the average tarmac. These courses are not only for the safety conscious but they are also great fun and take place over the course of four days in Sweden.

Learn to be a security driver with BMW with their basic, advanced or intensive security driver training or, if you’re looking for real, true grit adventure, take them up on their Adventure Trip to Namibia. Intensive driving through various terrains, none of which include tarmac roads, will see you dealing with canyons, dry river beds and steep mountain passes, all of which need navigating with GPS and where road signs are non-existent. This will test your driving skills and your nerve to the limit but is a week of endless fun and challenges from BMW.

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