From The Brink Of Failure, Isetta Saved BMW

Article: From The Brink Of Failure, Isetta Saved BMW

BMW are renowned for their sleek, luxurious cars, for their impeccable safety record and for streaking ahead when it comes to innovative design. They are streets ahead of many other automobile manufacturers and have been so for many years.

It would be a rare thing to pass through even one street today that wasn’t graced by at least one BMW of one calibre or another. And BMW are not afraid of stepping outside the box when it comes to something they truly believe in.

Take, for example, the BMW Isetta 300. This basically looked like a bench seat with a steering wheel that came up on a pole from the floor and was surrounded by a ‘bubble’ type body. The door was the whole front of the car that opened forwards. (Imagine putting this in one of our modern multi storey’s!) It had a fold back sun roof and was capable of 65mph and 55mpg.

What makes the Isetta such an iconic car for BMW is that it is this little micro car that actually brought them back from the brink of going bust. Sales of BMW were slumping when they purchased the rights to the Isetta from Renno Rivolta. After making their own unique BMW modifications, the Isetta went on show in 1955 in Frankfurt and received a rather rapturous reception which done BMW some huge favours in popularity and they haven’t looked back since.


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