Get Fit With Honda In 2012

Article: Get Fit With Honda In 2012

Promising to reach us by 2012, the new hybrid from Honda – the Fit EV has been showcased at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

With a top speed of 90mph and a range of 70 miles, this all electric version has a lithium-ion battery for storage and an electric motor adapted from the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell car. Under test conditions, The Fit EV proved itself capable of a 100 mile range but this figure was reduced to allow for urban driving styles. The driving range can be extended by opting for a different driving mode: econ, normal and sport with a 17% difference between each. In sport mode, the Fit EV has an acceleration performance similar to that of a small car with a 2 litre engine – not bad when you consider the pollution your saving!

Recharging takes 12 hours on a 120v outlet and a mere 6 hours with a 240v supply.

With 5 seats and five spoke aluminium wheels as well as a few tweaks to the exterior to bring it bang up to date this is a very stylish looking car! Even the key fob itself is an all singing all dancing affair – you can check the status of the battery, initiate charging and activate the climate control all from your little hand held fob!

Although this is the very best in the Honda electric cars to date, they do not intend to rest on their laurels and are continuing to work on making ever greater improvements in performance – currently working on a hybrid that re-charges in as little a 1 hour. Keep a look out for this one!


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