Going Green With Honda

Article: Going Green With Honda

With so much emphasis on our global warming issues, we have all become accustomed to thinking ‘green’. Switching off lights, not leaving TV’s on standby, buying recyclable products – all are important ways we can do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint.

Yet, many ask, what is the point when big manufacturers are polluting the air so bad that our measly light bulb burning away in the hallway is hardly going to make a difference. People also wonder what the point of buying eco friendly products are when they have probably been made in less than eco friendly environments?
Well, Honda are one company that takes their responsibility seriously. Their goal is to produce top quality cars that are economical, fuel efficient, have minimal emissions, are affordable to all and that do not damage the environment in the building process.

This is exactly why they have implemented their ‘Green Factories’ and ‘Green Buildings’ initiatives. The idea of these plants is to produce the same quality Honda cars that we have come to love whilst increasing energy efficiency, enhancing recycling activities and reducing waste.
They aim to reduce the amount of emissions from their facilities and recycle by-products. Honda have sixteen plants in North America and thirteen of them have earned ISO 14001 certification status for the way they manage their environmental concerns.

Of course, making the changes takes time but it is important that we see change in the right direction. Automobile production in Honda’s North American facilities last year reduced by over 1.5 per cent on the previous year. This is due to more efficient use of the present facilities, more energy efficient light sources and better use of variable speed drives.
Another major factor in reducing emissions comes from the Intelligent Paint Booth which uses controlled air conditioning technology. Waste that had to be deposited into landfill sites was reduced by a whopping 35 per cent over the course of one year.

It is our responsibility as individuals to buy products that can satisfy us that they won’t damage the environment, either by themselves or in their production. If was can show our choices with our wallets then all manufacturers will eventually be forced to make the right choice and reduce their carbon footprint.

Source: car-chat.info

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