Honda Comes in More Than One Shade Of Green

Article: Honda Comes in More Than One Shade Of Green

Honda haven’t experienced the finest six months in their history, what with having to close their production plant in Swindon for four months until reopening in May, yet since production has restarted things are finally looking positive for the Japanese company.

Despite financial problems Honda have continued their eco friendly engineering and although early UK sales figures of the Insight aren’t inspiring sales of the Insight, the world’s cheapest hybrid vehicle, have soured in Japan.

In the UK, Honda have set up a roadshow to showcase their new technological advances that have made it into their new models, including the Insight but also the Civic Type R and the ever popular S2000.

Despite having not taken off as well in the UK as in the domestic market, Honda will be hopeful that drivers looking for the greenest motoring alternative of all without compromising on driveability and comfort will look to the Insight first and foremost.

Honda’s should be commended for continuing with their green policies when other underperforming manufacturers may well have taken a back seat and concentrated more on those models that generally are the best sellers.

This is where Honda comes into its own; striving to stretch the boundaries of engineering and continue to raise the bar are seemingly more important for Honda than simply making money.


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