Honda Doing Their Bit For The Environment

Article: Honda Doing Their Bit For The Environment

Honda is set to take on one of the most aggressive advertising campaigns the motoring industry has ever seen. The Japanese giants have bought an ENTIRE commercial break on Channel 4 this weekend and ALL the advertising space for the first 11 pages of Saturday’s Guardian.

The advertising campaign is aimed at the general public to do their bit for global warming and buy themselves an eco friendly car.

An animated ad called ‘Do’er’ will be shown during the first commercial break for the premiere of Al Gore’s environmental documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, to be shown on Saturday 4th April at 9.20pm.

It’ll only be shown once so make sure you tune in, or alternatively just have a look on YouTube when you get into work on Monday morning!

Honda are renowned for their innovative and award winning adverts, such as The Impossible Dream ad (which recently hit our screens again), the Hate Something, Change Something animated ad about Honda’s diesel engines (complete with catchy whistling theme tune).

And not forgetting the cog advert featuring many different car parts, from nuts and bolts, to windscreen wipers, wheels, motor oil, electric windows and many more – shame it was used to advertise the Accord and not one of Honda’s many decent offerings.


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