Honda’s Insight Into The Future Of Motoring

Article: Honda’s Insight Into The Future Of Motoring

Fancy getting over 64 miles per gallon from your next car? Fancy getting your next car on the road for the minimal £15 annual tax rate? Fancy getting it for less than £15, 500?

Of course you do! So go get a Honda Insight SE. Yes, you’ll get the dual front airbags, the side airbags and curtain airbags as standard. Yes, you’ll get the active headrests, electric windows, climate control, tilt and telescopic steering and electric heated mirrors as standard. And of course, you will get power folding door mirrors, door mirror indicators, front armrest, CD stereo tuner and audio steering wheel controls.  But what else I hear you say?

The Honda Eco Assist system. This is your way of keeping an eye on how efficient your driving is at any given time. It allows you to make the choices about how you drive and how much you want to spend doing it. It puts you in control of your vehicles economy.

With easy to read dials, the speedometer will change colour with aggressive driving that sucks up more fuel than necessary. After each journey you will get an eco score depending on how you have been driving. A running total will be kept so that you can see just how much you are saving over time – not just in your wallet but also for the environment. For those super eco conscious among you, the Honda Insight even has an Econ Mode button which adjusts the car to be as fuel efficient as possible.

The Honda Insight also has Continuously Variable Transmission. This means that the gear shift will work its way through an infinite ratios and you won’t even know it. The change will be seamless, adding to the beauty of driving this car and also enhancing it’s efficiency.

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