Japanese Ferrari Owner In Hot Water For Speeding

Article: Japanese Ferrari Owner In Hot Water For Speeding

If you own a red Ferrari 458 Italia, you just could not follow speed limits because after all, you bought a Ferrari because of its speed.

Now, because of that, a doctor in Japan is now in hot water because after testing how fast his vehicle can go, he posted the video of himself while driving on high speed in public roads in a forum. So the Japanese authorities, who are very stringent in implementing speed limits, tracked him down.

If convicted, the unnamed doctor may face up to six months of jail time. He will also have to pay the fine of $1,220. And well, needless to say, his Ferrari insurance will certainly be spiked up.

Recently, I watched the first movie in the Too Fast Too Furious series and I wonder if Japanese drivers are really that good with their cars? It seems like they are collectively into race car driving. In my case, perhaps the closest to racing that I will ever do is in an arcade. LOL

But well, despite that, many people will say that breaking the law when driving a Ferrari is worth it because of the thrill that it brings. Well, as long as nobody is hurt, that may be okay. But if others are hurt, then that is a real bummer.

Source: newcars-usedcars.info

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