Lexus Announces The HS 250h

Article: Lexus Announces The HS 250h

The Green Machine trend is continuing with Japanese manufacturers Lexus entering the fray with their new hybrid, the HS 250h in the New Year. Sporting a compact frame and a resolutely hybrid design – there’s no petrol-only option – the HS 250h looks to bring hybrid emissions and fuel economy to a luxury brand, but at an affordable price.

Offering a design and build quality which will remind owners of the higher end of the Lexus brand, but at a price more fitting an entry level car, the HS 250h is a high quality machine, blending economy on the price and economy on the fuel usage with the quality and prestige that drivers have come to expect from the Lexus brand.

With a 2.4 litre petrol section combined with the electrical propulsion unit and a purported fuel rating of 5.6L/100km city; 5.9L/100km hwy, this new model is the affordable, compact way to get the Lexus name and quality while being kinder to the planet. Due to the size of the car, there are obviously some compromises which have had to be made on the inside; it doesn’t quite offer the luxurious space of the higher-end Lexus models, but for a small car with hybrid economy, it’s certainly a compromise worth making.

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