Lexus Dealerships Bracing For The GX460’s Impact

Article: Lexus Dealerships Bracing For The GX460’s Impact

Lexus Dealerships around the world will be holding their breath this week as the new GX460 SUV is about to be unveiled at the China motor show. The car/van has been produced to replace the GX470 and from browsing the spy shots of the car online one thing is very apparent and that is that this car hasn’t been built with style in mind.

It is quite possibly one of the ugliest looking SUV’s I’ve seen and that is bearing in mind that there are a number of appalling SUV’s out there at present. The Lexus GX460 seems very square and boxy and appears to lack any sense of sporty qualifications, with the Porsche Cayenne leaving it for dust in the looks stakes.

However, we are forgetting that this is a Sports Utility Vehicle and not a sports car, so looks aren’t necessarily everything. What you really want is a robust, strong and aggressive vehicle that can stand up to the challenges of the many off-road terrains that it may see, which at present will probably be Chelsea High Street as these cars have become affectionately known as Chelsea tractors.
The car is likely to feature Toyota’s new 4.6 litre V8, which should rattle around the busy streets of London nicely, whilst having enough left if you feel like heading for the country.

The car will no doubt come with Lexus’ usual good build quality and the company has a renowned reputation for good customer service at their Lexus dealerships, maybe this will be what will save this Lexus from falling on to the pile with the rest of the SUV’s.

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