Lexus IS 250C – Good, Bad Or Just Plain Ugly?

Article: Lexus IS 250C – Good, Bad Or Just Plain Ugly?

Being the second biggest European market for convertibles, Britain will surely love this! Lexus‘ IS 250C.

Even though the weather is purely terrible in Britain, we all love a good drop-top. Many convertibles are much heavier, noisier and all together more tedious to drive. But not this. Lexus has claimed to have the world’s fastest metal folding roof on the IS 250C, so it surely mixes the advantages of a coupé with the fun of a cabriolet.

The roof is split into three sections, powered by 15 electric motors and fitted with 37 sensors to make sure that the roof folds tactfully and dent-free into the boot with just the touch of a button. Also, to allow a well-damped closure, the intricate system even has a ‘roof brake’.

Many of the characteristics of the IS have been compromised to allow the impressive roof system. Only the mirrors, door handles and bonnet are similar between the two, so they do look quite different. But behind its chunky facade and its  muffled exhaust, there is a friendly car waiting to be unleashed.

Lexus has, however, paid special attention to the refining details of the IS 250C. The normal screaming sound of a convertible has been cleverly disguised with sound-deadening materials, to make this convertible impressively quiet like no other. But, the downside is that these materials make the car considerably heavier.

The Lexus IS 250C is more ’sensible’ than other convertibles on the market. It will surely bring out the mature side of your motoring life.

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