The Mazda Taiki

Article: The Mazda Taiki

Mazda challenged their international design studio when they asked for a vehicle that best captured the “essence of flow.” The Mazda Taiki is just a hint of what is still to come in style and technology for the manufacturer.

The Taiki is a two-door, two-seat sports car with intense bodywork that mimics airflow. The word Taiki is Japanese for atmosphere. The vehicle has a wind-swept profile and awesome strakes line the sides of the car.

The inspiration for the Mazda Taiki comes from the big fish-shaped paper streamers know as climbing carp streamers known as Japanese koinobori and a mythical dress that made it possible for maidens to fly. The result was a canopy of glass with unique fenders and rear detail. The rear wheels of the Mazda Taiki help the vehicle obtain zero lift. Other vehicles require spoilers in order to create a downforce, however, the tunnel shape of the rear wheels create enough thrust that the wheels stick to the tarmac as if they were glued to it. From the dashboard to the door trim, the interior space is dynamic.

Performance centers on the rotary engine sports packaging. The Mazda Taiki includes the RENESIS 16X rotary engine, which sets a new standard for driving performance.

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