The Recovery Has Begun For Lexus

Article: The Recovery Has Begun For Lexus

The motor industry has been struggling against a tide of financial depression over the course of the last year as we all know: Cars continue to back up on fore-courts with customers refusing to part with their hard earned cash, opting instead to save their money until the recession has passed. Even the new scrappage scheme employed by several manufacturers hasn’t worked as well as they had initially hoped.

However, there is some good news coming out of America that sales on certain brands of luxury cars has started to move in a positive direction again. Sales of Lexus cars have been boosted with a 12% gain in the last month.

Although the gain was only within the American market, it will still be looked upon as a significant gain in the overall picture of recovery and it offers a glimmer of hope after what has been one of the toughest periods of recession in world history.

The governments of the world have been working hard to re-establish economic recovery and hopefully the increase in sales in the United States motor industry will be seen as another boost for the global economic crisis.

Everyone will be watching closely to see if Lexus can continue to churn out these impressive figures over the coming months towards 2010.


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