Toyota Trucks: A-BAT Concept

Article: Toyota Trucks: A-BAT Concept

With more people moving out to the urban life and taking on the daily hour commutes, Toyota set out to create a car that would fit the country boy and the working man all at once, so they built the concept car A-BAT. The A-BAT concept is to bring together the urban demands that most people fill with a truck with the long daily commutes and city driving most people find impossible to avoid.

The car like truck gets the good fuel mileage needed for the commutes, easy maneuverability, four foot truck bed and all of the other necessities for your urban commuter. Built for work or play, the A-BAT has room for four while transporting anything in the back bed, it is the best of both worlds and has the green friendly features that many new car buyers look for to help with gas costs.

The interior has all of the bells and whistles you could expect from portable navigation to built in Wi-Fi internet connection. The truck even has built in solar panels in the dashboard to assist in energy and help with battery drain. While no concept car is a lock for production, this would be one that has everything any urban commuter could need!

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